Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Erwin, Levi, and Hange have just captured Annie, and are still in Stohess District (Eastern Wall Sina). They discover a Titan inside the Wall, but Pastor Nick orders them to cover it up. Hange interrogates Pastor Nick, but he refuses to give answers. Shortly afterwards, a messenger arrives to give a warning – Titans have been spotted within Wall Rose. They ride out to Ehrmich District (Southern Wall Sina), from where they will head out to battle the Titans.

Meanwhile, Reiner, Bert, Connie, Sasha, Ymir, and Christa were being held in quarantine by Mike and his squad, since they were all under suspicion. After the Titans appear up, they split into different directions to spread the word to the nearby towns and villages. Mike fights the Titans to fend them off and buy them some time. He is able to kill several and is about to escape, when suddenly the Beast Titan reveals himself to be intelligent, and throws a horse at Mike. The Beast asks Mike several questions, then steals his 3DMG and leaves. The Titans devour Mike.

Sasha checks in on her hometown, Dauper Village, and saves a little girl, fighting off a Titan with just a bow and arrow. She reunites with her father, and then heads off to Ehrmich District to rendezvous with the incoming Survey Corps.

Connie, Reiner, Bert, and a few others investigate Connie’s hometown, Ragako Village, but find the place empty and trashed by Titans. They find a Titan lying right on top of Connie’s house. However, there are no bodies, and all the horses are still in the stable. Connie thinks he hears the Titan say “welcome home”, but Reiner pressures the squad to keep moving.

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