Attack on Titan Creator Discusses the Series’ Impending Finale

Attack on Titan has only so much longer to live on. The popular series helped bring new life to anime years ago when its hit series debuted. Nowadays, there are millions of fans who look forward to Attack on Titan, but creator Hajime Isayama plans to wrap the title soon. And in a new interview, the artist is opening up about what that ending will look like.

Recently, SNK News translated a Japanese interview that Isayama did for his Final Exhibition. The lengthy interview featured the artist discussing his series’ end, and Isayama is more invested in closure than ever before.

“There’s certainly an increases in the amount I want to draw… But it’s been such a long time, and I feel strongly that I’ve grown very close to it. I think I’ve been proceeding based on how I want to draw the last scene. Of course, there are many precursors to the main goal, and taking each step in line with them is extremely challenging, and there are also parts that have to balance out, which is tricky,” the artist explained.

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