Attack On Titan Cover Art Teases Series’ New Protagonist​

Attack On Titan has done the impossible and made things worse for the Survey Corps, leading the way for a brand new protagonist to take the reins of the franchise on the latest cover of the next volume of the manga. With Eren Jaeger taking a decidedly controversial stance on the war between the nation of Marley and the Eldian people, it’s clear that a brand new hero is going to have to swing in to save the day. With our heroes struggling with both an emotional and existential crisis, we’re crossing our fingers that the new protagonist will be able to put in the work!

Warning! We’ll be going into some light spoiler territory for the events that have taken place in Attack On Titan’s manga, so if you want to go into the fourth and final season of the anime completely fresh, be forewarned!

Eren Jaeger is lost. With our former protagonist inheriting the power of the Founding Titan thanks to a trip to the past alongside his brother Zeke, the Beast Titan, Eren has become an unstoppable force who now has the ability to control all Titans as well as becoming much larger than any Titan we had seen before. Jaeger, with his brand new abilities, has sworn to eradicate anyone who doesn’t have Eldian blood rushing through their veins. Obviously, with their former friend now turned into the biggest threat that is currently facing the world, it’s clear that a change in the role of protagonist is needed.

Eren’s declaration has put the remainder of the Survey Corps in quite the pinch, with the likes of Armin, Mikasa, and others having to join forces with the likes of Annie and Reiner, the Female and Armored Titans respectively. As the world descends into chaos, with the nation of Marley preparing for their end and the Eldian people wondering if they should be cheering or crying themselves, Mikasa is shown to be taking on the role of the protagonist of the series on the cover of the 31st volume of the manga.

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