Attack On Titan Star Cancels Convention Appearance Over Coronavirus Concerns

The Corona Virus is cancelling a number of events in the world of anime and beyond, and it seems as if the latest “victim” of the outbreak come in the form of one of the stars of the popular anime franchise of Attack On Titan! The Japanese voice of Eren Jaeger, Yuki Kaji, as well as producer Kensuke Tateishi, have announced that they will be unable to attend the upcoming Anime Festival 2020 held in Australia due to Japan’s policies.

Several anime events have been canceled, such as the upcoming Anime Japan 2020 event later this month, thanks in part to Corona, with even numerous anime series being postponed in an effort to contain the spread of the outbreak. So big has the spread been that there have even been discussions of postponing or cancelling the upcoming Summer Olympics that will be held in Japan later this summer, which also has a number of anime centric events and creations that are tied into it.

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