1. The Survey Corps

Ranked among the most elite soldiers, they are tasked with attempting to reclaim territory that has been lost to the Titans. Despite being the most well trained, they often come under dispute from those within the Walls and are constantly under threat of being disbanded since they suffer high losses, and usually fail to supply results. The current commander is Hange Zoë.

2. The Garrison

The Garrison is responsible for patrolling and protecting the Walls. They are set the task of evacuating citizens and dispatching Titans in the case of an emergency breach in the Walls. Falling intermediately between the Survey Corps and the Military Police, soldiers in the Garrison are seconded to the former in Titan combat and are less corrupt than the latter. The highest ranking officer of the southern territories was Dot Pixis until his death.

3. The Military Police

The Military Police are in charge of keeping order inside the Walls and protecting the ruling monarch, currently Historia Reiss. Due to their important function as guardians of the most important humans, only the top 10 trainees from a graduating class are permitted to join them. Despite recruiting from only the best, they are shown to be corrupt and often incompetent due to the nature of their work inside the Walls, far away from Titans. The latest commander was Nile Dok until his death.